16 November 2011

Somewhere over the rainbow, there lies a cake

There's this cake going around that's driving me absolutely crazy with rainbow fever.....

and I really really really really really (echoes another 500 times) WANT ONE!!!

It looks so amazingly delicious! Ok, maybe it'd be ridiculously sweet and make my teeth change to certain shades of colours every few seconds what with the obvious massive amount of food colouring.....but but... doesn't it just look absolutely yummy?

There's this girl , who has a tutorial on her blog on how to make one.

Too lazy to bake though. It must take like forever from the looks of it . I'm looking for a place where I can just buy a slice without ordering the entire cake (I've found some online but its all for a 1.5kg cake which is a bit ridiculous for one person)

Strangely reminds of an edible art palette.


  1. yummy~! please come by soon!

  2. that's a lot of colour! it reminds me of macaron, yummerz