24 January 2008

Patches the lost cat

This is Patches:


Tracy found him/her (we were all staring confusedly at its down there but we think its not developed enough to tell whether its a boy or girl) in front of her friends house, abadoned by its mother. For now, we're assuming its a Girl (obviously!)

I don't really like cats, but even I have to admit that Patches is adorable.... its got two black patches over each eye, and even its tail has a black patch too.


Tracy has decided she wants to keep Patches. We're all kinda worried for it cause it has been refusing to eat. The past 3 days we've had to force feed it with a syringe (without the needle of course). Tracy specially went out to buy this special milk powder for cats, it costed her a bomb at rm38.50!


The next day she went out to buy a milk bottle, but she still wasn't drinking as much as she should. The last time I saw her all she had was 5 syringes of milk in a day >_< . That is sooo not enough for a growing kitty. Photobucket
Patches hugging Stitch!

Ai... what to do?

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