25 January 2008

Sweeney Todd

I just watched Sweeney Todd.....

Speechless. Reminds me a lot of House of Wax, just that imagine Paris Hilton singing all the tracks in her album while acting out the scenes. Yes, this film is a musical! And Johnny Depp can SING DAMN WELL OK?????? 80% of the lines in the movie are sung. Some of the lyrics are really cute.

Sweeney Todd actually isn't horrible at all. Its an artistic, bloody,dark humour kind of film that needs a certain degree of appreciation, an obvious Tim Burton trademark.

There was A LOT of plasticy-hot-red blood (yea, the blood looked damn fake) . I suppose it was done on purpose, but seriously lor, the way the murders happened I cannot stand to watch. I thoroughly enjoyed every second of the movie 300 which was super bloody and so fun to watch them kill the bad guys stack by stack.

Dunno why but all that blood in Sweeney made me a little queasy.

Ok, no spoilers for those of you who've yet to watch the movie, but you'll never look at pies the same way again................. =_=''

But speaking of 300, you know every year Hollywood comes up and makes spoofs of every single blockbuster produced in the previous year? From the producers of Scary Movie comes:

"Meet the Spartans"

Isn't Carmen Electra so hot??

Anways, from Mel's recommendation I watched the trailer for the movie. Freakin funny!


  1. oohh i wanna watch sweeney todd! i havent seen it yet. :( when are you guys coming back for CNY? hahah.. and havent our perception towards pies changed since american pie? lol.

  2. actually believe it or not i have yet to watch american pie!!!
    hrm..well, i'm coming back from CNY next next sunday :>
    hey, pop down to here one day and see patches for urself-face to face!