7 January 2008

Nail Art

Yay!! My first post for the new year 2008 ^^

Recently I've been addicted to Japanese magazines. I just luuurve the way the girls in there dress up. Jap girls are so fashionable and make damn good eye candy (yeah, I like to look at hot girls. so what?)

My favourite ones so far are ViVi and Cawaii mag.

Cawaii magazine

What I noticed was that Jap girls lurve their nails. I want to have mine done too! But super ex-wei, at least around here, its like RM28 for a manicure, haven't add in painting your nails. What the heck, I can buy myself a new t-shirt with that kinda money.

Some Jap girls really go all out on their nails making them so elaborate and over-the-top, I sometimes wonder how in the world can they do simple chores like shampooing your hair?

Take for example, nails like these:

Hello Kitty power!!

Seriously lar, when I have my nails done up like that, I must purposely hire one Indonesian maid just to do my chores for me for as long as I wanna keep my nails. And imagine if you backside itchy, how le? Have to be careful on how you scratch otherwise one flower will drop off your nail. Some more Malaysia so many mosquitos really hard to tahan yourself from scratching. is the cheapest I've seen so far if you wanna stick butterflies, chocolate cakes, or even a japanese garden set on your nails. It'd cost for as low as rm1.30 per nail, to rm2.70 depending on the amount of items you want to put on your nail or how big it is.

Ridiculously useless as they are, I am thinking of getting it done one day because they are so ridiculously pretty. I can already imagine passing hours in a day just staring at my Japanese garden on my nails.

Wonder how its done? Check out this site. They have a few pics of this girl slowly putting together piece by piece on her client's nails!!

Update: sorry to those who visited my site and keep having it re-directed to adverlets advertisements. I have done away with the bloody advertising thing. It has been creating loads of problems in the past already. Back to free-no-money blogging. wheeeeeee~~~ *sobs*

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  1. Hey at least we have one thing in common. We love to see Japanese Girls AHAHHA