6 November 2008

Beijing (II) - 1st impressions

This post is soooo old! I should have updated about Beijing ages ago but going back through the photos again I realise that I miss it so much I want to blog about it now.

(this post is 1 month overdued!)

When I went to Beijing, the Olympics fever was still in full gear at the time because the Paralypic Games were going on. As cliche as this sounds, you really do feel the spirit of the Olympics upon landing in Beijing - red Olympic banners hang everywhere and China's government puts full emphasis on promoting the Olympics on the media.


Olympic Mascots


Yao is like their God in Beijing. Crazy.


Beijing is just one massive concrete jungle. Apparently when I went there, traffic was pretty smooth because government had put a curfew on which cars can drive on certain days. Many of the Beijing people were telling us it was the first time they had seen the blue sky in 10 years!! How freakin polluted is this city??!!!

Going with parents, I went to places I wouldn't bother going to if I went without them. For eg. Walmart & Carrefour. I don't know why we went there. Don't ask me. Some more its 2 different types of supermarkets. =_=. But from there we got to see what the locals usually shop for.

Throughout the whole time I was in Beijing, apparently the dreaded milk scare happened.


I only found on reading the newspapers on the way back. I drank like looads of milk throughout my whole time in China. Oops!! But not too bothered about it coz I read it only affects babies.

Veggies and fruits in Beijing are also pretty huge too compared to the ones back home.

Our Tomato:

Their Tomato:

Crabs in Beijing are also fuckin expensive

The price stated there is RM122/500g. What the fuck do they feed those crabs? caviar and french wine?

Randomness. I got bored watching my mom choosing silk blankets so I went to camwhore with him.

More updates on Beijing coming (hopefully) soon!

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