16 November 2008

The power of advertising

Damn you Aero. Watch this advertising clip below. Its a MUST WATCH!

The advert uses a "Sex and chocolate" concept to encourage (probably female and gay) people to buy their chocolate.

The brand is pinning their marketing on ‘Sex and the City’ hunk Jason Lewis who played the role of ‘Smith Jerrod’ in the popular TV series

Created by JWT, the script for the ad attempts to seduce consumers. It reads, "37 degrees Celsius. Otherwise known as body temperature. When the little bubbles in new Aero Bubbles dissolve, the chocolate melts even faster in your mouth. And that, ladies, makes the pleasure even more intense."


To read more, click here.

So in the end, did I get influenced by this ad?
Did I find the character yummy (by this, I mean the Aero chocolate obviously. ahem)?
Hm.. well, there is no doubt Aero is a very yummy chocolate. However, I did not feel the 'intense pleasure' from chocolate melting too fast. Felt a bit upset actually that chocolate could melt soo easily as I usually like to let it slowly melt in my mouth savouring the flavour. For me, it was just a very very very horny sexy advertising gimmick.

Do I still like Aero then?

Well, its hard to resist.

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