11 August 2009

I miss rugged european men........

Photos are taken from my trip to Amsterdam & Barcelona:

Sigh, men from Amsterdam are always in pairs, & all seem inevitably gay T_T. But gawd, they are gorgeousness........we met a handsome blonde George Micheal lookalike on the train seated next to Tracy but we were to shy to take a photo together with him!!!


Barcelona's beaches are the best though. Coz that's when you get to see some skin. miaaaaooowwwrrrr....
He wasn't handsome but omgwtf his tat is uber cool

hwaaarrrggh! *nose bleed*

A cute way to carry doughnuts

However, where there are rugged handsome men, beautiful women are bound to be there too. Eye candy for everyone~!

Gawd, I swear all the european women look like models.


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