4 September 2009

In a rut.

I hate it when my parents call. annoying sial. I know they're worried but their over-evaluation, over-fussiness, over- naggyness, over-concern gets on my nerves and leaves me pissed off for a whole hour after ending the 15 minute phone call which felt like a 2 hour lecture.

They keep asking me to move out of my new place. I want to give it a shot first.
Then they nag at me for not calling them back after I reached 24 hours. I did send them an sms saying I've arrived wtf. But all they could complain about was how worried sick they were and whether my accommodation is decent.

Then my mom complain about mosquito netting. saying everyone is now dying of dengue.ask me to order the landlord to install one. I say the room only has a fan. Ask me to order landlord to install aircon. Wow. If only my landlord was my genie in the lamp, sure thing! no problem!

I HATE HATE HATE HATE when people nag me to do stuff even though I know its for my own benefit.

Parents always make it seem like if I don't do something my life will end up in shambles and I will die a slow torturous death.

wtf. I believe in the next life I want to be born a frog. Don't have to think so much.

Sigh, its a love hate relationship with them. I don't like the idea of leaving them alone without company with no one to talk to, but I don't like being the person stuck with them & having to accompany them all the time.

I seldom use my blog for personal musings but today I seriously cannot tahan and I'm in a don't-fuck-with-me mood. ISH!!

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