10 November 2009

Girl in Red

Went for a Tracy's AYA awards thingy at KLPac.
Its an amazingly gorgeous place to take pics! Never knew places like this existed in Malaysia.

I had a full on red outfit that day.
I is loving my new rocker chick necklace I got at Diva!

Suwen looks reluctant. wtf.


One of my fav pics of the couple :D


One of my fav pics of the lightbulb me.

Another pair of new shoes I got on 70% off! been looking at 'em for quite a while and I was so glad when they went on sale. Yipee!! But the brown edges at the bottom makes the shoe look damn cheapo.
I really wish I had thought of it sooner. Coz the next day I took out my permanent black marker pen and coloured the bottom.

new shoes!
At least now it looks more expensive looking!!!

Eh I just realised I am damn cheapo. My necklace was on sale, my dress was also bought on sale online, and so are my shoes. wtf wei! My whole outfit add up together only costed rm70!

Its a sign I should start getting a job n earning more money. LOLZ


  1. OMG! I love the red! I am in a red craze now! wheeeee! and i love ur permanently black marked heels! gorgeous!

    who cares if ur cheapo? as long as u rock it!


  2. aww...!! thx babe! yealor i just realised I got into a red craze too when i looked at all my stuff. LOL! i now have 2 red shoes already @_@