24 October 2008

Today is Tulan Day

Today, I woke up with crisp clear vision.

Something is wrong.

That is because I have slept with my contacts for a blardy 10 hours at night!! EEKK!!! I have been wearing them for 21 hours in a row!

Then my period came. My bloody pimple from yesterday under my nose didn't go away overnight either. I woke up with bad hair day in the morning. And I still had classes today T_T.

Because I had wore contacts on for so long I had to go to classes wearing my fugly scratched up glasses. I felt so nerdy.

After classes, I went back home to chill. Then I went to take a shower. It was probably the worst possible time to take a shower. Why? Because the fire alarm drill RANG. WWHAAT THE FUUUCCCK??????????????!!!!

I didn't have time to dry myself so I had to wear my clothes over my wet body and go outside at the Fire Assembly Point standing at the carpark at 6 degrees with the cold winds blowing my wet hair.
Everyone later said I should have just ignored it and continued bathing because the fire alarm is almost always a false alarm anyways. But I said even though I knew it was just a drill, but being the paranoid person that I am, what if it was real? Firemen would find my naked body burnt to charcoal bits just because I wanted to finish my bloody hot bath.

Then some smart ass said I should have just run out with a towel! HHAHAHA. no not funny.

Then at night over dinner, a bit of drama happened coz I let loose my big mouth about something that was supposed to be hush hush. Don't think she'll ever trust me with secrets again T_T.

YAY Thursday is going to be over in 30 mins!

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