14 February 2009

Happy V-day

Sienz. Couples are bloody everywhere today.

Valentine's Heart Pictures, Images and Photos

I would love to go out tonight for a girls' night out but I'm sure restaurant prices are going through the roof :(

Aaron was just saying he's saved the hastle of planning anything for v-day this year. =________________= wtf! Luckily ur pressie is damn good otherwise I will curse your balls by now *shakes fist* AHAHAAHA!! (I promise I will post up the pic as soon as I get it this Monday!)

But since I can't celebrate V-day with you, I just wanna make a super mushy dedication here ( other readers you can now click 'close window' or flick to another site. LOL).

I really wished we had taken more photos together so that I had a nice good looking couply pic to post now.

Unfortunately it has to be this one coz I made a mistake of cutting my fringe before I left for the UK.

Which led to pretty disasterous looking couple photos. My Photoshopping skills still aren't that great otherwise I would try to salvage my hair. Sorry I am vain. I refuse to post up ugly photogs of me on my own blog!!!

LDR hasn't always been easy.


Yeah, I know you're crazy in love with me. Can't help myself if I'm irresistable.

K la, I've got crazy eyes too!

We're like a cat and its fish?


But I'm glad we've gotten this far:P (I know, I purposely pose for each picture before I took the screenshot. Poor Aaron was always caught unaware!)

Thanks for being my Valentine *muakz*

p/s: I just realised Aaron has a lot of white working shirts!!

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