28 February 2009

When you don't want to ruin a perfectly good picture

It happens. I've had loads of fantastic moments where the pose is great, the surrounding is great, the people are amazing, but I just had to ruin the photo with a horrible (unintended) facial expression. Which results in me never ever showing the world "that" particular photo.

Don't you just hate it when that happens???!!

Photoshopped a few that I particularly love but never got around to posting them anywhere bcoz of contorted facial expressions!

Done just for fun! :P

The time when Sha came over for dinner

Clubbing at Sakura. Loved the poses, but my make-up that night and expression looked more like a tranny.

Frisbee at the park. My face looked horribly constipated

A girl passing by (in the photo) pushed my arm away just as the camera flashed. I was rolling my eyes at her. Which didn't turn out pretty.

At the Ice-Skating rink

Wuz trying out new patterns I downloaded for photoshop as well. LOLZ!

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