6 February 2009

On a boring friday afternoon

Gawd, I love this site:

It has some of the world most adorable/amazing/quirky stuff that seem so 23rd century you almost think they are useful.

I've been browsing through the site for an hour already and here are some of the items that I really find are too damn adorable, OR either that they just exasperate/leave me speecheless.

Henry the Desktop Vacuum cleaner
Henry Desktop Vacuum

Henry Desktop Vacuum
A mini Henry vacuum cleaner for the desktop!! How adorable is that??? say: "awww....!!" I can now ensure at least 15cm within reach of my laptop is constantly dust-free!

And believe it or not, they actually sell the Borat Mankini.. =______=

Gawd, I can give this to male friends! ahaahaha!

This, is the Scorpion Vodka:

Scorpion Vodka

Which literally is, Scorpion soaked in Vodka. As qouted from the website:

" Scorpion Vodka contains a walloping great scorpion. And it's not just any old scorpion. This particular pickled arachnid has been specially bred in southern China and is totally safe to eat. So they tell us. The word is that each pincer-wielding beastie (infused in the vodka for three months before hitting the shelves) has undergone a special detoxifying process. This neutralises the scorpion's venom, making it 100% edible, tail 'n' all!"

Great gift for my stupid lil bro.

The Plop Trumps

Beautifully photographed and wittily written, each Plop Trumps deck contains 40 info-packed cards.... of pure shit. Play them with friends!! You learn something new every day.

Plop Trumps
eg. of card details

Maggie Nutcracker

Cracking prime minister. Sort of.
Maggie Nut Cracker

Maggie Nut Cracker
With her trademark blue power suit and studiously coiffured hairdo, the Maggie Nut cracker is ideal for right-wing nostalgics, old school Tories and anyone who likes to see ex-prime ministers cracking walnuts between their thighs (or just right underneath her cibai).

But the one I adore the most happens to be the most useless (as is with most of the stuff I own)
Check out the



This USB-powered desktop companion sits by your computer making different faces according to its mood. But here's the good bit: Tengu lip-syncs to the music it hears so it looks like its singing along. Daft, eh!

Watch the video of the Singing Tengu, here.

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