10 February 2009

Pink is a hard colour to hate

I was on a pink phase for quite a while constantly buying pink stuff for my room.

But now I'm totally fed up of pink!!

I have such a massive amount of pink in my room its making my eyes water with pain. So Aaron suggested switching everything to purple. Bwahahahaha!!

See I have pink:

My duvet+pillows

My Nightie


My preciously pink toilet paper that I use sparingly to blow my nose or to wipe my study table.Hahaha

Even my whole facial range is pink

And more pink shopped stuff here.

Therefore now I'm slowly shifting everything to dark purple! I adore my new duvet cover from Primark.


So now I have purple handwash & purple towels too.

To make this post sound less bimbotic (and to prove I do have a life!) here are pics of the heaviest snowfall we've had in Reading so far. Gorgeousness ^^


A closer up picture of the snowflakes

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