8 January 2010

I've moved out!

I don't think I've ever whined and complained about my old place.
But basically it was utter hell.

I use to stay at this placed called "Lagoon Perdana". Its damn right dodgy and I'll describe how.
1)They have BANGLAS EVERYWHERE. Not white collared bangla workers, construction worker bangla assholes.
2)There were A LOT of stolen cars parked at my old apartment (I know b coz to see a Skyline parked there for a month in the same spot without moving, well, if you stay in such a low-cost dodgy place can u afford cars like these???????) + there was a report circulating around the apartment of a whole list of 'unclaimed' cars. ahem.
3)its downright dirty. Like piles of rubbish bags everywhere, the floor is black, the lifts are hardly in working order, vandalism is what decorates ze walls.
(in the lift at my old place)
4) its fuckin scary when you're a single girl staying in this apartment alone. Weird men have followed me into the lift just to see what floor i'm staying it while trying to hit on me. Oh and guess what? They are Bangla. So excuse me for being racist.

If that wasn't horrible enough, I had the shittiest landlord in the world. So much shit happened, its like someone diarrhead into the toilet the toilet actually gets blocked. Let's just say he was a pushy,stubborn mule. Let's call my ex-landlord "The Black-ass Donkey" from now on.

To cut the story short, the The Black-ass Donkey really hated me. So Black-ass Donkey got me evicted, even threatened to throw out my stuff from my room when I was back in sarawak for the hols!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't want my mom to know anything about this, so I never told her the full story. But at the end of the day, the great thing is that I've moved out to a better newer place. My new roomate is an absolute peach, this place has a swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauana, gym.
And i'm paying less than the amount the Black-ass Donkey was charging me :D

its all good now and my karma's fine.

I hope Black-ass Donkey gets raped by an Ox.


  1. Make sure ur there to video the rape! This is one rape i've got to see! HHAHAHAHAHHAHA!

  2. wow, what a dodgy place. Jason Miraz is great tho...wif Kobi Kallat

  3. wildberry: dun worry, i'll even bring in a bear to bugger him from the back after the Ox and the Bufallo have had their share.

    Lash: damn they wud have made a great album in that lift :D

    but babe...u should so blog about ur new place! it's like heaven compared to lagoon perdana...=) i'm so glad u found this place!