26 January 2010


Remember the GreenFairy in Eurotrip movie??

I've always wanted to try Absinth since then but I've never gotten the chance too. Its always been that elusive drink that's been ban in this country, even in the UK. People have been saying 'ooh, I've smuggled this in from France, Australia, Mother Russia etc etc.'

It doesn't help that I am kinda allergic to alcohol until I found this new anti-histamine pill that actually helps stop the allergy! Only then dare I try out this notorious drink.


Preperation needed before drinking Absinth!

Sugar on Absinth spoon.

I couldn't find the next pic, but you're suppose to set the sugar on fire, let it melt, n drop it in.

SUPER FUN lo to watch

Then basically the drinking part, I don't have a pic of me drinking it but I bet it looked something like this:

Seriously, the first few sips I had I felt it burn my lips, and the burn going all the way down my throat and stomach. The alcohol wasn't disgusting, in fact it tasted rather nice! I just couldn't take the strong burning sensation! Thank God my guy friend next to me saw that I coudldn't take it anymore and helped me finish the rest of the drink. LOL.

I told Debbeh about this, and she said went she went to Spain, they had loads of other different flavoured absinth!

Then I went google search and saw so many other types!! So many cute colours I wanna try all. Hahaha!



Rodnik's Absinthe White 70%
Rodnik's Absinthe Black 70%
Rodnik's Absinthe Classic 70%
Rodnik's Absinthe Mango 70%
Rodnik's Absinthe Strong 85%

I like Mango flavoured stuff, wud love to try it someday!

The one I drank was only 60%. I cannot imagine how 85% must taste like. According to some friends who took it as shots and WITHOUT the fire or sugar, it smells like nail varnish. yuck.

Dated: 27/01/2010


  1. All the pretty colors...ooooo

  2. fire and sugar are for girls! ride the green fairy baby!

  3. -______-

    i am a girl.

  4. Oooh! U tried Absinth? I always wondered how it really tastes like, too!
    Oh, btw. I'm Sylvia. Don't knw if u still rem me. Your senior frm Stco. But I love your blog. V interesting n u've got great sense of humor! :D