23 January 2013

Simple everyday eye-make up

My skin has been photoshopped because it hasn't been doing too well these few days :( This whole eye-makeup is wholly based on brown tones, so I found it great for everyday wear. 

I used: 

Twice Baked (Urban Decay) - my absolute favourite at the moment 
Kate Liquid Eyeliner in dark brown (click link to get to a review)
Kill Brown by Clio - a waterproof pencil eyeliner in dark brown. 

And that's about it! Nothing fancy, I just covered my lids with brown eye shadow, drew liquid liner with a tiny 'flick'at the end to give it a bit of a cat-eye effect, and tightline any existing space with waterproof brown liner. A bit of mascara and hey-yo, you're done in about 10minutes!! 

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