28 August 2008

How to order your coffee

I am not a huge coffee fan. This in turn has always been a huge disadvantage when I walk into Starbucks faced with a menu that seems to have 50 different types of coffee.

I can just stand there for 10 mins pondering what in the world to order because I have no idea what are half of the items on the menu.

But I found this adorable site that explains coffee so easily!!

About Espresso

Espresso is prepared by forcing pressurized steam through finely ground dark-roast coffee beans. Think of it is strong, concentrated coffee. You can add extra 'shots' of espresso to make your drink stronger.

Clickable for enlarged version. Good to keep in your wallet.

And how about Frappuccino's?

Its just another form of expresso(but milder) with milk, ice, syrup and lotsa cream! Difference between them is that expressos' are served hot.

I personally prefer Frap's because of the whipped cream, the icy coolness, chocolate syrup, and other flavours like caramel of java chip that you can put inside ;P

Never be blur about coffee again!

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