27 August 2008


TODAY.... is the 27th of AUGUST!!

woooo..... I predict today good luck or bad luck day for you....
On this date, according to our chinese calender which follows the stars you should : Bury, funeral, cease mourning or dig a well.

Today is a lousy day to get married. Sure kena curse wan I tell you!!!

Why I say so? Read the calender yourself.

How to have funeral and not mourn at the same time? Hahahahaha!! So my advice is: Go dig a well. You may need a well in the near future.

Now, I go deep deep into the future, on the 3rd of September. I predict again your feng shui.

Cannot catch insects ok? If mosquito bite you let them suck you dry. Killing it is the same as catching it in your palm to kill it.

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