3 October 2007

2nd Year

Once again, Uni classes resume and I am embarking upon my 2nd year. My ship's cargo is full of photocopied books (which I should not have since I am doing law), and its soo good to see my other crew members again. I've missed you so much Su WEN!!! Sammie, motherload of all that is crap, ever sweet looking Jamie, Mel the guy infected with spasticism, and the lovers on board, Jacyn and Mak. No Tracy, I didn't really miss you that much. hohhohohoohoh!

Went to sing-K today and Sammie's chose a lot of throat-killer songs for all of us to sing that left us with almost sore voices. Tracy played this song by Queen called "Bohemian Rhapsody". Queen is this like, really really 70's type group, and this song is seriously like nothing you've never heard before. I'm not even sure they have a category for this type of song! Anyways, if you're free do take some type to check it out:

Aren't the songs lyrics sooo absolutely cheesy? But its their music that makes cheesy lyrics sound good.

And if you've enjoyed that, check this out as well:

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