11 October 2007

No Water Supply!

And of all times, its when I really really need to shit right now. No water toilet cannot flush..
Is it ok if I just shit first then leave in floating there, then flush it later when there is water?
Anyways... I've started blogging to get my stomach off that nagging shitty feeling, and hopefully the water supply will come back some time soon.

I've just come back from a very 'laughable' game of badminton~ Laughable as in I couldn't keep my eyes on the shuttlecock long enough to stop myself from laughing! We were all dissing each other on the court. Obviously my skills sucked the worst as I just took up playing badminton last month. Some more rite, we managed to curi curi play for a full 1 hour and 30 minutes WITHOUT PAYING coz the guard wasn't on duty~! Super lucked out today. heheheheehe!

We all met our juniors yesterday as well. And one of the girls, Whew! I have never seen such big boobs on such a tiny woman. Seirously, she's shorter than me (probably around 164cm me thinks?) and thin but has the two biggest watermelons between both year 1 and year 2 combine. I swear its at LEAST a "D cup"!!!!!!!!!! Melvyn couldn't stop talking about her boobs. We all don't even know her name but we've already called her Tuaaa Neee Buuu (Huge Boobs in hokkien) Naima, sorry ya, your Vice Presidential post in the Big Boobs Club has just dropped another rung. You're now on the same organizing commitee as us. Hahaha!

I also went to Genting last week with Tiong How, as a sort of I'm-really-really-sorry-I-missed-our-anniversary-in-September!

Seeing back a lot of my photos and hearing what I had to say about my trip, a lot of my friends commented that we're probably the most boringest couple there is. I didn't dare to sit on any ride remotely scary in the Genting Highland Theme Park. I even told TH, "Never mind wan! If you want to go sit on the Solero Shot then go ahead. I wil wait down here at the bottom for you"

TH replied: "I also don't dare to go lah!"

Same type of couple!

And apparently, everyone says when in Genting, do eat an ice-cream in the freezing cold----------------------------------------------------------------- outside. Its pretty fun!

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  1. That is so awesome. I love boobs. I love Genting too. When you put boobs and Genting together, I go crazy. Thats how much I love them.

  2. AHAHAHAHAH!! I'd like to c ur man boobs become man popsicles in genting.