14 October 2007

I love japanese people

All this talk about boobies has got me inspired to write yet another weird post (plus sam's constant nagging to update). I seem obssesed about the human anatomy.

The Japanese have done it yet again! This super-funky japanese biscuit is sure to catch the attention of forlorn A cup women who wail about the size of their boobs and ponder whether pregnancy really does make your breast grow two sizes bigger.

Well then tiny tits generation! Fear not! The Japanese (In God we trust!) now have come up with yet another fantastic solution!

Introducing to you.... the F CUP BISCUIT!!

Forget breast implants, this is the cheapest and most delicious solution for the 21st century people~!!

And after you're done gawking at those F cup biscuits, here are more pictures to show the world the innovation and creativity of the Japanese:

The perfect lap for dirty-old men to lie one without the females running away screaming

Not what it seems! this is actually a plastic bag to pick up your doggy poo poo

And the best for the last.......

That is one freakin 'looooooooooong' ice cream

But do give all credits to this fella over here, as I mostly ripped the stuff off his site. Going back to boobs, have you ever wondered what in the world does the Song Black Eyed Peas"My Humps" mean? Check it out!


  1. Petros Konstantinos15 October, 2007

    Hello. Oh, by summer '08 my man-boobs will be upgraded to rugbyman-boobs. If this does not happen, I will personally mix some cocktails and give them off for free. Ace!

  2. bring us to rakuzen to eat instead. If you can't get rid of ur manboobs by summer 08, oh well, might as well grow them bigger rite? hohohooh!