15 October 2007


I did it yet again. For those of you who don't really follow my blog, I used to work part time in my college and just got my paycheck. Beautiful. Then right, yesterday I attempted to bank in my cheque into my account so I could withdraw in from the ATM.

Everything was still going on fine till then. I messed with the machine and viola! It says my cheque is in already and has been processed, I know it will take 3-working days blah blah...

But then right....... but then right...........................* WAILS!!!*

My stupid bloody account is not actually my STUPID BLOODY ACCOUNT!!! I completely forgot that my ATM a/c is registered under my dad's name. And the cheque has MY full name on it!!!

MEGA SUPER BIG F****KIN SSSSSHHIIIIIITTTTTT with a dozen flies flying over it

HOW IN THE WORLD AM I GOING TO GET BACK MY CHEQUE????!!!! The damn machine has eaten it, the bank is closed today bcoz its a public holiday. Tiong How says that if the bank can't match my name with the account no. they will bar the cheque as banks are really really strict about such things. It might also be hard for me to get back my cheque.


My hard earned money le!!! Rm515 over there okaaaay??? Don't play play!!

sigh sigh sigh!! I feel like I wanna go jump of a cliff. I was going to buy a new pair of shoes with the money and bring my family out for dinner.

But just to get my mind off things for the moment, I'm gonna blog about my trip to Sg.Wang. I went with Jamie, Tracy and Sam. Tracy realy went on a shopping spree buying everything from shoes, jeans and tops. Bought a really cheap dress for RM25! Quite happy about it ^_^

This is a photo taken outside a mechanic shop after shopping at Sg.Wang 2 hours later:

Looking like beggars, or even worse, PROSTITUTES waiting in the dark!!

Read Sammie's blog to find out more (sorry, unable to publicly link here)

UPDATE!: (Tuesday) thanks everyone for your concern about my paycheck. I GOT IT BACK!! WHEE!!! Very Very happy about that. Thank GOD I don't have to go back crawling to college and begging them to issue me another cheque. ^_^

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  1. André Thiago19 October, 2007

    Hello, my dear. That is such wonderful news. We should celebrate by ordering a tray of shots. Cuidado!