29 October 2007

We love you Doraemon

Went to watch the Bourne Ultimatum. Its sooo good!! Matt Damon is seriously the only guy for this role. The plot is so well planned and executed, I'm sad that this the last installment for the Bourne series.

More cam-whore pics for today:

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Mr.Doraemon is sooo HUGE!

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We love you Doraemon!

A few days back there was a post in the Star Newspaper that the brother of our very own Datuk Sheikh... something something (the malaysians astronaunt that went to space) died on Saturday. How in the world did his good brother die?

As qouted from the Star:

"....after falling and hitting his head against a pillar at a restaurant in Kuala Lumpur on Saturday"
Please read my friend Mel's blog (click on it!!) for a critical assessment on this topic, which was very intelligently debated about sending his brother to space.

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