21 October 2007

New new new!

I have a super old Nokia 2100 model that I have been using for 3 years. I USED to be one of the better phones in class because my coursemate Su Wen still had that stonehenge-first ever nokia model (the model that never seems to die!)........until that is, her boyfriend loaned her his brand new Nokia N series to her for a year........................

CANNOT LAR!!! Su Wen's old batu nokia is the one keeping me from being the most outdated!! I also used to feel less embarassed when my monotone nokia goes off in a class where everyone's ringtone plays something new from the top40 song charts.

Mommy gave me some money to buy my new hp (sort of as my next year's b-day present. yay!)

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Sony Ericsson Cybershot K550i. I know that this model is kinda old, but my budget was rm700.

There were some days when I really wanted to change my phone, but I just really couldn't afford one and I tried to convince myself about why I "LOVE my Nokia2100 model"

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I'm ssoooooooooooooooooo happy that I now no longer need to do this anymore~!! But my new phone functions soo confusing also lar... too modern liaw......

Bought new sunglasses at Vincci as well. Yippe! Got it from the sales at 20% off, which makes it about RM16. Damn cheap~
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I went to Little Taiwan to eat last night as well as watch the Liverpool v Everton football match. Spotted this on the menu:

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In english, the toast on the menu is called "Taiwan Special Toast". But if you bothered to read the chinese lettering, its actually "Bread Coffin!" (I can't read chinese letterings. Tiong How did it for me and this is from what I remember)

The match was pretty dissapointing. I'm not much of a avid football fan myself. The main reason why I actually managed to stayed awake throughout a full match is because there was food to eat. Anways, let me introduce you to this Liverpool player here:

Damn ugly rite??!!! But that's not the main point. His name is Dirk Kuyt and he's Dutch. I keep pronouncing his sirname , Kuyt as CUTE in English. Later than found out from Anchovy that its supposed to be pronounced as "KITE" in English bcoz he's Dutch. Wow. That like, super makes a lot of sense. I think CUTE sounds closer.

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