5 November 2007

Dove campaign for 'real beauty'

Wow, this video is really an eye-opener for what 'real beauty' really is.

VH1 also came out with a list for Hollywood's 20 skinniest celebs:
20.) Keira Knightley

19.) Ellen Pompeo

18.) Kate Bosworth

17.) Hilary Duff

16.) Lindsay Lohan

15.) Teri Hatcher

14.) Ashlee Simpson

13.) Kate Moss

12.) Mischa Barton

11.) Janet Jackson

10.) Anna Kournikova

9.) Sienna Miller

8.) Heather Miller

7.) Thandie Newton

6.) Carson Daly

5.) Daniel Day-Lewis

4.) Orlando Bloom

3.) Victoria Beckham

2.) Mary-Kate Olsen

Guess who made it to no.1? No surprises here
1.) Nicole Richie

I think this photo has been pretty widely circulated of Nicole Ritchie at her thinnest ever. Isn't it scary?? Read the article here to find out more....

Her boobs have practically dissapeared!

Compare THAT to her most recent photo with her healthily pregnant recently:

Dosen't she look so much better?? Undoubtedly she is still skinny but much she looks healthier & more meaty. Mostly got all my info from this guy's site. Its a pretty fun and light read about his perception on beauty from a man's point of view.

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