29 November 2007


Seriously lar.. there are so many weird types of goldfish.

The bubble eye goldfish

I saw this goldfish at a fish shop once and was wondering, "really la, what will happen if I used a pin and popped one of its eye sacks?"

Will it then go blind, then bleed to death and die?

Apparently, the bubbleye's sacks are so heavy, it can hardly swim up and mostly remains at the bottom of the tank. I suppose its like having breast so huge and heavy, you would also have to crawl.

Yet another weird type of goldfish...

Pompom Goldfish

My gawd. Its like cauliflower growing out of your nostrils. Poor fish. If you put this fella with other non-goldfish in the same tank, they will probably pick at his nose thinking its unagi.

Ah, fish enthusiast. I will never understand them.

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