20 November 2007

@*#&%!!!! Kill the bugger!!

Xiaxue the princess blogger gets lizards in her shower. I happen to get centipedes...

And this is soo bloody not the first time!!!!

Those disgusting creepy crawlers come from the drain pipe at the bottom of the bathtub. Luckily though the bath is pretty steep and slippery so it could never crawl out into my room.

The first centipede that crawled into my tub was about 5cm long. I don't freakin care how long it is, but the problem is that its a CENTIPEDE!!! For the very first visitor, I used the heel of my shoe to smash its body into itty bitty pieces.

Go eat shit la you!!!

It made an ugly mess for me to wash.

the 2nd one that came into the tub, I wasn't around at the time so Anchovy used Dettol liquid soap wash.


za dou. Had I known earlier, I would have used that too. All she needed to do was to squirt loads of the liquid on the bugger, that the "THING" would squirm around, choke on dettol soap, and die. It won't leave a stain when sprayed with water back into the drain. Summore makes the bathtub smell nice.

Then the 3rd one came in last week. Hohohohohoo. I will make you suffer with dettol yet again like I did to you grandfather, and your father, and now to you, and your children after you. Curse your whole generation to drown in Dettol!!

According to Anchovy, if you don't have Dettol, also can use your Sunsilk shampoo, Dove body soap, or whatever body soap liquid that you have.

Dettol now has a new slogan to add to their brand "Kills 99.9% of bacteria, and use them to kill small insects!"

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