10 November 2007


My stomach has been queasy and making weird noises all morning
I have gone to the toilet at least 3 times in the past 6 hours
I think I am gonna die off dehydration soon
I have diarrhea!!!

I swear its from that blooody ayam I ate last night
Furthermore I still had to audacity to say that the chicken 'tasted good' last night at that mamak.. Dunno how many days has it been left soaking up the curry in that pot!!
Melvyn, I hope you're ok coz I remembered offering you some of my chicken. Hohohohho!

Still going on the photoshop craze, I found yet another video on youtube on how to transform an obese fat woman into becoming a skinny like model. Its amazing!

You might need to login though to watch this Video. Got some above 13 rule to watch it. Dunno why.

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