12 November 2007

I am such a hardworking blogger

Omigoodness, I seem to have been bitten by the blogging bug.

Today over lunch my girlfriends and I were talking about hot girls, and I admit. I like to oogle at hot chicks as well. I am secretly envious of their super smooth porcelain fair skin, their round round big black eyes, and their oh-to-die-for hourglass figure.

The girls and I (all attached) were saying how we would point out to our boyfriends, "Eh! Isn't that girl over there damn pretty??!!"

One word of advise. If you are the boyfriend, never reply "YES".

We always ask, not to test to you, but just to inform you that that girl over there is hot/pretty/cute. Try to refrain from giving your opinion.

Jamie was saying if her bf really did comment & agree with her that the girl really is hot, she would really whack him hard across the face. Hohohohoho!

Fortunately enough, when we questioned all our bf's, they safely reply "No lah" or "Ok only la" or "No lah, I think you're much prettier..."

It really is funny how we always contradict ourselves.

The same thing happens when it comes to flowers. I would really get pissed at Tiong How for spending so much money to buy me flowers. I will tell him "Don't buy me anymore lah! They will just die in another 3 more days."

But if he does not buy any flowers for me for Valentine I will get upset. Not very, but I'll be thinking in my head, "Har...? This year no flowers? Last year got flowers 3 times this year not yet get... Hmph!!!!!!"

And then I'll imagine whacking him with my Zebra brand stainless steel frying pan.

Just kidding!!!! Don't get angry ya TH. Lol!

On another completely random topic I've become youtube crazy. This is one hilarious indian video that our family law lecturer used when giving us a talk about gay-partnerships.

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