12 March 2008


At Asia Cafe today, the girls & I saw something that made Sam go "ooooooooo?????"

She kept constantly laughing and had turned beetroot red.

Because at the opposite table, TWO GUYS WERE MAKING OUT!!!! WHAT THE HECK????!!!!


Like, REALLY making out, tongues were rolling about their mouths, eewww!!!!!! The girls at their table were screaming and laughing, videoing the two of them . Apparently it was a dare to make out for 15 seconds!!

(This is not a picture of them, but it really is a picture of what they did exactly!! Feel a bit gross to upload the pic here on my precious blog)

There was this group of indian guys who were sitting behind them, and one of them accidentally turned around and screamed "
WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!!!??? Stop doing that to yourself brother!!"

Then all the men at that table went
"ooooW! Yucks!! that was disgusting!!" But men being who they are, they proceeded to bet with the boys who by now had finished making out. Each guy put RM10 on the table asking them to do it again.

And once that happened, my view of their table was completely blocked. Every single person sitting within 2 meters of the making-out gays were swarmed at their table, taking out their handphones and switching to video mode!!

Ok, admitedly I was a bit disgusted at first, I kept going 'EEWWW!' but my neck kept cranning to get a closer look, and eventually I stood up to peek over the crowd. hahaha!!

This day definitely wins hands down as
Most Interesting Lunch Break of the Year.

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