31 March 2008

Uhu! Hu!

Damn stupid name. Dunno how to pronounce it. Its a type of japanese cheesecake made by this bread store called "the Loaf" and apparently, our ex-PM Mahathir invested in it!

So Sam & I went to try it out at Pavillion:


Got a seat overlooking the busy streets of KL

There were loads of flavours to choose from, and the promotional introductory price was rm5 which was pretty affordable :> Sam & I then decided to purchase just:


Patheticly posing with a single cheesecake. lol! (forgot to bring out my cash T_T)

Glitzy Strawberry or something

Its amazingly delicious!! The cheesecake was light and fluffly leaving you craving for more. The strawberry spread on top wasn't too sweet, everything was just puuurfect~~

Japanesy-looking waitresses at the store

For more details, check out this site for Uhu! Hu!'s japanese cheesecakes

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