13 March 2008

Presentation is over!!

I was first speaker for my presentation today and my part was simple, it was just to pull of a joke!! I was supposed to tease the House of Lords (some parliament group) with a picture on the slide.

I was hoping it would pull of to make the lecturers laugh and break the monotone a bit of a formally strict law presentation.

Unfortunately, because I was really "RATHER" nervous about pulling off a flat joke, I asked my classmates beforehand who would be listening in on my presentation to laugh at slide 2 (the joke slide) before the lecturers came in.

Thank you people for laughing!! I notice the lecturers didn't laugh *tears* Omygawd, without you all I will sure fall flat on my face with embarassment. Anyways, presentation is over people!!! House of Lords can go and screw someone elses' life!!

Our group decided to celebrate (along with a few other classmates) by going to the movies. Watched Spiderwick today. They casted a stupid boy to act as the main character. His acting really sucks, but the movie itself is rather suspenful at some parts.

But seriously hor, the thing I am the MOST absolutely disgusted with are not the goblins and ogres in the movies, but the fairies. DAMN Freakin Scary Okkkkk??????????????????

People's impressions of fairies are sweet little females with pretty wings and dainty feet, i.e like this one:

However, Spiderwick's fairies are seriously, super freaky.

I practically "EEEK!!" in the cinema out loud. I mean like, what kind of a fairy has a face like that? See also will think some evil spirit from the dead has come to put a voodoo on you

Dosen't it resemble the freaky eyed green alien they always potray from outer space?

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