10 March 2008

Stray Cat

Argh. A stray mother (yes, i said MOTHER!! ROAAARR!!!) cat has decided to settle herself in MY house.

What the heck, its been hanging around MY premises for the past 3 weeks.
Its definitely gonna give birth to her kittens here.....

After realising and slowly accepting that particular fact, my housemates and I thought, "ah, what the heck, might as well give her a name".

I wanted to call her "vomit blood"

Not surprisingly my housemates disagreed. Lol.

In the end we ended up naming her, "FISH"

Cute or not the name????? I freakin love calling her "FISH!! GET OUT!!" or "FISH!! Stop that!!"
People who pass by will think 'ok, why is this retard talking to a fish?'

But calling the mom Fish really practical lor. Once she got babies, can call her kittens tuna, salmon, ikan kembung, tempura etc... Super cute wei.

Being bimbo for a day is fun.

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