16 March 2008


Fish gave birth!! Like, just yesterday to two orange little kittens *tears*


A very satisfied Mommy



I hope that the kittens won't turn out like her when they grow up. Fish's fur is seriously damn ugly, like a dirty floor mat colour. I hope they will always stay this orange and cute . :P

Apparently I found out from my housemates that no one can touch her babies coz if you do, the mother cat will end up eating her babies coz they will have a different smell after you touch them. Scary. I heard that hamsters were the same too, you can't look at their babies after they've given birth otherwise they will eat them up too....

Just now a huge male cat entered our premises. I think it must have smelt the scent of new born kittens. Fish quickly left her kids (to protect them lar obviously! You think what? rampant sex after being pregnant for so long?) and went to confront the male cat.

I told my housemate about it and she said male cats often eat up baby kittens to get rid of future competition.

What the heck??? Can't every animal just stop giving themselves so many reasons to keep eating their babies??!!

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